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Why Oliver Is the Right Choice in Label Printing Companies

Brands choose Oliver for their label-printing needs because of the company’s state-of-the-art technology, available decorative effects, and expertise to provide the right solutions across industries.

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You’ve likely heard variations of this cliche in different settings, and it applies here as well: A label is never just a label. 

Labels often serve as the first opportunity to catch customers’ attention, and therefore support your branding efforts. They communicate important information, such as intended use and end-of-use disposal, highlighting safety and sustainability. Most of all, the quality of the labels reflect the quality of the products themselves, and consumers will be wary of smudging or faded colors, peeling corners, or the eyesore of wrinkles. 

You need a printer on your team with the resources, technology, and expertise to produce effective labels. Companies have been turning to Oliver Inc. for this very reason. In Oliver, you’ll find a partner that offers a number of decorative effects that elevate your brand, flexographic and digital printing options, and the knowledge to apply the right touches to your labels depending on industry, product, and intended use. 


Decorative Effects

Given that it’s most often a two-dimensional object, you might be surprised at the number of decorative elements Oliver can add to your labels to take them to the next level. The right touches distinguish your brand in retail and e-commerce settings alike. 

They could include the following: 

Special Die-Cuts: With a custom die-cut, Oliver produces a desired shape, something as simple as a star or as intricate as your logo or wordmark. It enables you to literally put your stamp on a product or highlight a promotional item. 

Foil: Make your labels shimmer with foil. This effect adds a metallic flair and can be combined with embossing to really make the label as a whole pop. 

Coatings: Various coatings bring their own characters. High-gloss coatings convey elegance. Matte finishes are stylish and eye-catching. Soft-touch coatings, especially in the health and beauty market, give users an idea of what to expect from the product inside. 

Clear Substrates: With a transparent or semi-transparent label, you can let the color of the primary packaging stand out while choosing to highlight a specific portion of the label—a logo or design element. 

In addition to these decorative effects, when working with Oliver, you gain access to precise printing techniques and expert coloring that ensure quality and consistency from label to label.  


Flexographic Digital & Label Printing Options

Oliver maintains its label printing excellence by investing in state-of-the-art printing technologies. This gives you flexibility when placing an order. 

Flexographic (flexo for short) is the more traditional form of printing. It’s ideal for larger orders on short lead times. With in-line combination printing and the ability to accommodate a number of substrates, flexo offers a high degree of design flexibility. 

Digital printing for labels presents its own wide range of benefits. Without the setup necessary for flexo printing, you get quicker turnarounds, not to mention high resolution (even for tiny details and small print), superb clarity, and photograph-quality imagery. Digital printing also offers variable data possibilities, so you can customize labels with personalized messages or for more practical reasons such as sequential numbering or adding expiration dates. 

Both give you access to extended gamut printing, so Oliver can match your brand’s colors—in a cost-effective, vibrant way—no matter which of the two options are right for your order.  


Label Expertise Across Industries

All of the resources and printing capabilities aren’t worth much without the expertise to properly utilize them. This is truly what separates Oliver from other printers. Its team of experts provides the right label touches for brands, regardless of industry or product. 

For example, the highly competitive health and beauty industry puts an emphasis on branding. Oliver would suggest a combination of decorative effects—perhaps a high-gloss finish or soft-touch finish—and materials to help you stand out on the shelves and inspire consumers to give your products a try. 

There are other important elements to consider for each industry and product. Part of it is compliance: Oliver has a quality management system to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s regulations as it pertains to producing labels for over-the-counter products and private labels for the healthcare and food industries. The other part is intended use. It takes expertise to select the right adhesives and materials for labels that will hold up in their primary environments, whether they’re attached to a food product exposed to extreme heat or kept in the freezer, or a shampoo bottle that sits in the humidity of a shower. 

These are just some of the things Oliver discusses with you prior to completing a label order, but they’re not the only points of emphasis. Is the label permanent or removable? What material is it adhering to? What information must be included? 

Oliver has the process down to a science, from pre-design to production. And it’s not unique to labels. 

Oliver produces award-winning folding cartons and marketing collateral in addition to labels, so there’s no need to work with multiple vendors. You’ll get consistent branding and excellence across all of your materials, without the hassle of tracking different orders. It’s a true one-stop solution for all of your printing and packaging needs.

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