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Cannabis Packaging & Labeling

Establish your brand in this emerging market.

With recreational and medicinal legalization pulling cannabis into the center of the consumer space, competition in the industry is at an all-time high. As such, finding a packaging manufacturer that understands your needs is more crucial than ever. 

inhale exhale packaging
tincture cbd packaging

Oliver hits the mark.

Consumers have their pick of cannabis products these days. Dispensary shelves are packed with brightly hued brand names, all seeking the spotlight and the attention of the cannabis purchasing public.

Oliver has the experience to clear the smoke, helping you stand out from this highly competitive crowd. By providing customized, dynamic packaging solutions, we help cannabis companies expand their brand and make noise in the marketplace. 

No matter your cannabis packaging needs—from CBD and gummies to THC and every cannabinoid in between—Oliver packs a solution. 

Our products include the following:

  • Tincture cartons
  • Capsule boxes
  • Custom solutions for gummies & creams
  • FSC-certified boards for sustainability
  • Hemp board
  • Child-resistant packaging

Cannabis Packaging & Labels

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