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Specialty Packaging

Add even greater value to your packaging solutions.

Sometimes, typical folding cartons aren’t enough to offer the structural support or the functionality needed to put your product’s best foot forward.


Laminated Small Flute Packaging

What the tired brown box makes up for in strength and protection, it lacks in aesthetics. But you don’t have to make that compromise with Oliver. Laminated small flute packaging enables you to maximize stability while also mimicking the outward look of a folding carton with minimal visible corrugations and engaging designs through lithographic printing.




Setup Boxes

Setup boxes, also known as rigid boxes, are made of a denser paperboard giving them a sense of added strength and quality beyond the typical folding carton. Combine setup boxes with additional packaging enhancements and you'll stand out from the rest and communicate the level of care that went into your product, adding instant value.




Specialty Packaging

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