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Blister Card Packaging

Present and protect your products

If you’re seeking the perfect packaging to display your products, provide protection, and elevate your brand, look no further. Blister card packaging is a tried and true method used across industries for these purposes, from toothbrushes and dental floss to electronics and accessories to toys and commemorative goods. 

Companies have discovered the benefits of this unique presentation. Oliver is ready to show you the benefits of blister card packaging as well. 

assorted blister packaging

Protection and branding, all in one sleek package

Blister card packaging merges two materials to form a bubble of sorts around your products. A piece of plastic is heated and molded to the shape you need then sealed to a board. The benefits of blister card packaging are numerous.


Because the blisters are molded to fit your products, they provide protection in a way that boxes can’t. Blister cards also keep products clean and uncontaminated, not to mention to provide tamper-proof packaging.


Consumers get a clear view of your products. Bolster that appearance with decorative effects on the board to synergize your brand elements.


The combination of plastics and paperboard saves you money compared to choosing completely plastic packaging. 


The paperboard back gives your packaging versatility. Choose design elements. Add practical features, like a hang hole. Print important messaging.

The blister card options you need

Oliver has the capabilities to print and produce a number of blister card solutions. Speak with our team of design experts to find the one that’s right for you.

Face Seal Blister

Backer card that a thermoformed blister is applied to the coated face of the card

Fold Over Blister

Blister is trapped between two layers of cards, one with a cutout to receive the blister dome, sandwiching the blister between the cards

Clamshell Packaging

Hinged plastic containers are ultrasonically sealed together, trapping the diecut printed card inside

Skin Packaging

Porous special stock gets a latex coating. Then plastic film is draped across the product on top of the card, heat is applied to the face, a vacuum to the back, and the softened film drapes around the product and seals to the latex surface of the card.

Header Cards

Printed diecut cards that are used as the sealing top of a bag