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Creative Choices for Packaging Your Edibles

As the edibles sector of the cannabis industry proliferates, creative packaging choices that enhance safety and freshness and employ eye-grabbing decorative effects will help you stand out from the rest of the shelf.

July 14, 2022     4 minute read

Consumers care a great deal about packaging. Just reflect on the popularity of “unboxing videos” on YouTube or the types of packaging that end up being reused by consumers.

The look of a product within its packaging is the first thing that influences a purchase. And you don’t want to waste that opportunity with subpar or generic packaging design.

Cannabis has become an incredible money-making industry over the last few years, including edibles and CBD products, and to enhance that trajectory, packaging design should follow similar principles common to other, more mainstream industries.

Let’s look into why cannabis packaging is so important for edibles, and consider several creative choices worth making as you aim to elevate your brand above the competition.

Importance of Proper Cannabis Packaging

Effective packaging for cannabis products—especially edibles—focuses on three things: safety, freshness, and eye-catching decorative effects.


For a budding industry that has only recently been legalized, safety remains paramount. To ensure products are consumed properly, state regulators have put stringent guidelines in place surrounding cannabis packaging. While regulations vary from state to state, several trends remain rather consistent.

Packaging cannot be aimed toward children. For instance, in California, labeling cannot contain cartoons, icons, or characters that will appeal to people under 21. It also can’t resemble candy packaging. Child-resistant elements ought to be included as well, such as tamper-proof measures or heat-sealed flaps.

Labels and packaging require vital information, as well. From ingredients and proper dosage to health risks and batch numbers to track where the edibles were produced, these details keep consumers safe and help your brand mitigate business risk.


Product labeling means little if your edibles don’t remain fresh and well preserved. As with food packaging, some materials are better suited to protect edibles. Consult your packaging manufacturer to identify which coatings and substrates work best for your situation.

Collaborate with a manufacturer who is Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. Established by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), SQF ensures a packaging manufacturer abides by the proper practices that prevent edibles from being contaminated. The program’s safety categories include primary production, food retail, manufacturing, food packaging, storage and distribution, and quality.

Eye-Catching Decorative Effects

To stand out from the competition, packaging must grab consumer attention. Cannabis products are typically, by law, stored in display shelves accessible only to retail staff. In order to not get lost amid the other brands on the shelf, you need impactful decorative effects that will give consumers a reason to further consider your edible products.

Utilizing the right decorative effects is a powerful way to contribute further value to your edibles.

Coatings and laminates combine abrasion resistance with stellar shine. For instance, gloss coatings provide iridescent effects with a matte finish, while tactile coatings employ textured elements that leave a lasting impression.

Foil stamping integrates glimmering metals into visual effects. Originally limited to gold and silver, foil stamping can draw attention to any decorative element with a wide range of colors. While hot foil stamping relies on heat to adhere decorative material to a substrate, cold foil stamping uses ultraviolet light.

Lastly, don’t overlook the benefits of eco-friendly packaging. With environmentally conscious consumers on the rise, demonstrating your shared commitment to a green future is another way to elevate your cannabis brand above the rest.

Packaging Benefits in the Cannabis Industry

When it comes to particular examples of effective packaging from the edibles industry, here are several worth considering.

Often made of mylar, smell-proof bags with resealable capabilities enable consumers to better conceal the scent of their edibles. They’re also tamper proof and child resistant.

Custom die-cut boxes give your brand the ability to deliver a more complex packaging solution that will impress consumers.

Metal tins have become ubiquitous in the cannabis industry, their reusability a big value add for consumers. Leak-resistant closures make these an appealing option for storing edibles.

Tincture dropper bottles are a popular way to preserve edible oils. Practical, they present incredibly well on a display shelf.

Moisture proof and UV resistant, pop-top containers are an air-tight option that well protects your edibles. Their lighter weight when compared to metal or glass containers makes them a favorable choice for consumers on the go.

For a reliable seal that remains convenient to open, airtight push-and-turn jars offer your brand an additional way to resonate with consumers.

Collaborating With an Edibles Packaging Partner

The edibles sector of the cannabis industry is proliferating. To outshine your competition on the shelf, decorative designs need to remain true to your brand narrative, while taking creative risks. An expert packaging partner will help you determine which solution is right for you.

Whether it’s a clean and simple design on a folding carton, whimsical artistic renderings on a metal tin, or a premium die-cut box with a luxurious look, an experienced packaging manufacturer can be indispensable.

Oliver brings more than 250 years of combined printing and packaging experience to the cannabis industry. Contact us today to identify which packaging solution will help you stand out among the competition.

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Achieve Your Sustainable Packaging Goals

With expertise in sustainability and right-size packaging, validated by several chain-of-custody awards, Oliver can help you achieve your sustainable packaging goals.

Download the complete infographic below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about sustainable packaging.

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