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Eco-Friendly Packaging: How to Go Green With Boxes & Labels for Your Cannabis Products

June 02, 2022

By localizing your supply chain, reducing carbon emissions, sourcing from responsibly managed forests, utilizing sustainable materials, and implementing right-size packaging principles, cannabis packaging can become more eco-friendly.

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What Is Foil Stamping?

May 26, 2022

Foil stamping, also called hot stamping, is a printing technique used to convey a brand's quality through decorative effects.

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Fine Wine, Craft Beers & Spirits: What Makes for Memorable Packaging?

May 19, 2022

In addition to selecting sustainable materials, designing regionally resonant and immersive packaging for fine wine, craft beers, and spirits will make your beverage brand memorable.

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How to Achieve More Sustainable Food Packaging

May 05, 2022

By embracing right-size packaging principles, lowering their carbon footprints, reducing plastics, localizing supply chains, and utilizing renewable or tree-free alternative materials, brands can achieve more sustainable food packaging.

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Box Designs for Premium Cannabis Brands: The Inhale Exhale Story

April 28, 2022

Looking to stand out among cannabis brands, Inhale Exhale partnered with Professional Image to design custom packaging more aligned with the high-end look and feel typical of premium brands in other industries.

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Top Performance Factors for Adhesive Labels

April 14, 2022

Whether it’s the quality and type of materials used, printing capabilities, or decorative effects, an experienced manufacturer should be able to help you account for the many factors that impact adhesive label performance.

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Sustainable Pharmaceuticals: The Role Packaging Plays

March 31, 2022

Here are several ways sustainable pharmaceutical packaging can help your products stand out, attract more consumers, and foster more brand affinity.

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5 Printing & Packaging Trends for 2022

March 25, 2022

Among the printing and packaging trends for 2022 are specialty coatings and foil stampings, a shift from plastic to paperboard, customer demand for shorter lead times and production flexibility, growth of cannabis and CBD industries, and renewed interest in chain-of-custody certifications and sustainability.

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The Importance of Attractive Packaging for Cosmetic Brands

March 17, 2022

Cosmetic brands that focus on structure, decorative effects, and messaging to create attractive packaging will stand out in a competitive industry.

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Designing Eye-Catching Food Packaging

March 10, 2022

To design attention-grabbing food packaging, consider foil stamping, embossing and debossing, and specialty coatings in addition to unique structural designs such as shelf-ready packaging.

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