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Reduce lead times with our warehousing service. 

It’s true across industries that you save money by buying in bulk. But doing so poses challenges by putting pressure on you to either sell your inventory or find ample storage space for it. 


Space is not a problem with Oliver.

With multiple warehouses, Oliver takes care of inventory challenges for you by getting your products to you efficiently just when you need them, and storing them safely when you don’t.

The Benefits of Warehousing with Oliver

Oliver fulfills on-demand orders and extensive storage through our warehousing service, all while saving you money and ensuring peace of mind: 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Oliver relies on a vendor managed inventory, which allows you to print your quarterly inventory upfront. We’ll store it, and ship your orders when you need them.

Secure storage

Our packaging protects the integrity of your products, so you can be sure that they’ll come out as if they were fresh off the printer. Additionally, each pallet that comes through our facilities is electronically tracked, so we know exactly where your products are at every moment.

Eliminating lead times

We eliminate lead times by storing your products safely and getting them to you when they’re in demand. That way, fewer materials go to waste.