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You’re Invited!

The Sustainability Imperative

Folding Carton Packaging for a Greener Future

Hosted By Oliver Inc. 
Wednesday, February 3 at 10am EST

This hour-long webinar, led by Oliver VP of Sales and Marketing Doug Doroh, will cover some of the most important topics surrounding sustainability in secondary packaging that we want our community to know about, including:

  • The Pillars of Oliver’s Sustainability Commitment
  • The consumer demand for sustainable products and packaging
  • How Oliver helps meet those demands, including a review of real-world examples
  • The latest in tree-free substrates for packaging and an array of recycled content paperboard
  • How Oliver customers have achieved sustainability success

And more!

Featured guest speaker RJ Bianculli, Managing Director for Emerald Brand, will also share his insights on alternative stock options.

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