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The quality is clear.

Customers believe the quality of packaging reflects the quality of products inside. That’s why it’s so important to make a first impression—and a lasting one. Laminating is the process of bonding a plastic film (typically polyester, nylon, or polypropylene basis) coated with a heat-activated lamination to a substrate with heat and pressure. It’s a great way to add value to your packaging by protecting your products and attracting consumers by enhancing graphic designs.

Custom golf ball boxes that show example of lamination

The benefits of lamination

The first thing you notice is the appearance. Lamination makes colors more vivid, elevating the packaging it’s adhered to. This can help your folding cartons, labels, or printed materials stand out from the competition and attract consumers. But the benefits of lamination go beyond a look. 


Not only can you add visual touches to your packaging—Rainbow Holographic, for example, brings a stunning spectral of color—but you can incorporate tactile laminates to appeal to consumers’ sense of touch.


Some laminate films, such as LuxeFilms®, ScuffProof®, and Karess™ SmudgeProof, are engineered to protect packaging as it passes through the chain-of-custody. Lamination is also tear resistance, adding a level of security. 


Preserve your messaging and branding: No scratches or scuffs when you protect your digital inks with a laminate.


Lamination adds structural strength, durability, and thickness.


Combine lamination with other decorative finishes—spot UVs, embossing, foiling, or, in some cases, die-cuts—for an even more alluring look.


With a short short setup and no cleanup needed for the process, lamination is a cost-effective choice to add value and protection for your packaging. 

Oliver offers a number of premium laminates

When you work with Oliver, you’ll get expert advice and excellent customer service from beginning to end. Our design team will work to understand your packaging goals and produce a laminating solution to help you meet them.

Oliver’s lamination offerings include the following: 

  • Clear lamination for areas up to 30” x 40”
  • Metallic and holographic options
  • High tactility Karess™ finish
  • Anti-counterfeiting laminate technology
  • ScuffProof finishes
  • Sleeking & variable data foiling