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Decorative Effects

The carton is your canvas.

The landscape of retail environments is constantly changing, but the essence of branding remains the same: It’s competitive out there, and your products need to captivate.


Your vision, Oliver’s resources

No matter your packaging or printed marketing materials, when you work with Oliver, you gain access to our experienced design team and all of our decorative resources. Brands turn to us to look great. And we deliver. 

Find the right look and feel for your products.

Oliver helps you capture consumers’ attention by understanding your brand, providing an extensive palette of decorative effects, and allowing your creativity to take over. 


Endless Inks

Oliver’s wide array of ink formulas add luster, sheen, mood, and extra “pop.” Metallic inks are resistant to oxidization and hold their color over time. Fluorescent options highlight the important aspects of your packaging. Glow-in-the-dark hues add a playful element. And if you’re worried about consistency, rest assured that Oliver has access to more than 1800 colors with the PANTONE® Extended Gamut.


Embossing & Foil Stamping

These effects can be used on their own or in combination to create upscale sophistication or clever playfulness. Add a literal dimension to your packaging with an embossed logo. Appeal to different senses by toying with our various foil stamping offerings that include leaf metallics, a range of colors, and transparent options.


Coating Options

Gritty or slick, soft or sturdy, or perhaps a gloss for a glistening shine—change the way your products feel as much as they look by working with Oliver’s variety of coating options.


Special Substrates

Like with Oliver’s other decorative effects, substrates offer plenty of options from holographics and geometrics to simulated leather and fabric-coated boards to clear, translucent, and solid plastics. The right choice can breathe new life into your packaging.