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Your brand is worth protecting. 

When someone purchases a counterfeited item, the impact is beyond lost revenues. Brand owners take on the time, resources, and expense dedicated to removing counterfeited items from markets. Even more personal to you, though, is the reputational loss resulting from consumers questioning product quality and integrity.

Oliver Anti Counterfit

Oliver offers two types of solutions to protect your products against counterfeiting and reputational damages:

Overt Authentication Solutions

Consider overt solutions as stamps of authenticity that guarantee the logo on the front of the packaging and the products inside. The classic barcode still applies, but it’s not enough to protect your goods anymore. As counterfeiters have evolved with technology, so, too, have authenticators. Today’s overt solutions are exceedingly difficult to recreate and will show signs of tampering.

Overt authentications include the following: 

  • Color-shifting inks
  • Pearlescent inks
  • Gold and silver effects inks
  • Anti-tampering technologies (tamper-evident closures and labels)
  • Optical security technologies (holographic seals and labels)

Covert Authentication Solutions

As the name suggests, covert solutions are less obvious. They take advantage of digital technology to authenticate and track your products through supported anti-fraud programs.

Covert authentication solutions include the following: 

  • UV and Infrared (IR) light reactive inks
  • Smartphone apps for reading specialized 2D and QR codes to provide tracking and data
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Machine-readable taggants
  • Forensic taggants for laboratory authentication
  • Hidden indicia 
  • Digimarc barcodes and digital watermarking