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Why Companies Choose Oliver for Pharmaceutical Labels & Packaging

By working with Oliver Inc., you can rest assured your pharmaceutical labels will be elevated, products protected, colors and designs enhanced, and packaging processed sustainably and efficiently.

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The pharmaceutical industry maintains strict standards given the effects of its products on consumer health. These painstaking principles carry over to labels and packaging to ensure the integrity of brands is preserved and safety of customers guaranteed.

This sector and its demands are familiar territory for a premier manufacturer such as Oliver. Here’s why national pharmaceutical brands rely on Oliver for their packaging solutions.


Experience & Expertise

If you’re entrusting your pharmaceuticals products to a packaging partner, you want them to be as invested in your success as you are. A depth of knowledge goes a long way in reassuring that. With more than three centuries of combined experience, Oliver is capable of providing you the support, guidance, and expertise you need to see your packaging ideas become reality.

Whether it’s labels, folding cartons, blister cards, or marketing collateral, Oliver has streamlined the packaging process, offering customers a one-stop solution. Oliver has the capabilities required for a large shop, but retains the nimbleness of a small one.


Internationally Recognized Quality Control

It’s not uncommon for printing and packaging companies to tout their high production standards and unrivaled quality control.

However, Oliver prioritizes excellence to the degree that operations and team members stay up to date on many internationally recognized certifications awarded to firms that meet the highest industry standards.

These accolades pertain to environmental responsibility, color consistency, quality control, and more, from ISO Quality System Certification, G7 Master, GMI-Prime, the Pantone Certified Printer Program, and others.

It’s a demanding practice, complete with internal and third-party audits, ensuring superior-quality pharmaceutical labels and packaging, but the payoff is worth it. The certifications enable Oliver to thrill customers and give them peace of mind—so you can do the same for yours.


Anti-Counterfeiting Capabilities Protect Your Brand

Honestly, it’s dastardly for somebody to tamper with pharmaceuticals and then distribute them to the public as legitimate products, but this is a tangible threat. Counterfeit medicines may have ineffective qualities, lack active pharmaceutical ingredients, and consist of substandard or harmful formulations. These instances undermine consumers’ trust in brands, even without knowing whether the integrity of the products has been compromised.

To counteract these unlawful activities, Oliver employs a blend of overt and covert authentication solutions—including sophisticated inks that are difficult to replicate or require specially calibrated devices to determine their authenticity. For example, thermochromic inks reveal hidden markings after undergoing rapid temperature changes. And tamper-evident closure and labels indicate whether packaging has been opened or modified without authorization.

These various techniques give pharmaceutical companies abundant means for preserving their brand and protecting their customers.


Fulfillment All in One Place

Designing and printing your packaging materials within a single, coherent marketing strategy is not simple. On the other hand, spreading each step of the process across multiple teams can be time consuming and expensive.

By partnering with Oliver for the entire process and eliminating additional vendors or third-party services, you can expect a streamlined method that produces world-class results. Oliver stages your order in house, prints and packages it, and ships it directly to you.

Fulfillment services include packaging and assembly, seasonal gift sets, marketing kits, shrink wrapping, and labeling and relabeling—all in one place.


Extended Gamut Printing for Vibrant Colors

You want the colors in your fonts and logos to be precise and vivid. Getting shades across various pharmaceutical design elements to match can be tricky, but really pays off for a brand—which is why Oliver is so invested in extended gamut printing.

Traditionally, achieving coloring of this quality required specific spot work, resulting in higher printing costs. Alternatively, extended gamut colors go beyond the standard Pantone Matching System (PMS) and CMYK (the four-color process), giving brands greater accuracy in pigment selection. Furthermore, the relatively recent development of the Pantone EG Color Guide furnishes printers with clear standards to follow, amplifying precision on pharmaceutical labels and packaging.

Made possible by digital technology, extended gamut printing is cost effective and facilitates shorter lead times on print runs—without compromising quality.


Sustainability Is in Oliver’s Nature

There’s an increasing demand for green packaging, and consumers expect brands to take more deliberate action on climate change and other environmental issues. Understanding this, sustainability informs everything Oliver does.

What does that look like?

First, that means adhering to right-size packaging practices, using only as much material is needed to protect and secure products. In addition to minimizing waste, right-size packaging includes utilizing lighter materials when appropriate and eliminating unnecessary air pockets, helping brands avoid the so-called air tax— and ending up paying higher shipping costs for empty space in packaging.

Second, Oliver takes to heart limiting its carbon footprint. Being attentive to greenhouse gases means reducing them throughout every step of the printing and packaging operation, including how materials are sourced, processed, and managed after use. Relatedly, Oliver works with paper products derived from sustainably sourced forests, as certified by the nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), or Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI).

Lastly, on top of minimizing plastics and petroleum-based products, Oliver employs paperboard alternatives, such as sugarcane board, hemp, and recycled cotton fibers.


Genuine & Supportive Customer Service

Oliver is built around customers, remaining responsive to their needs, and providing label and packaging solutions perfect for pharmaceutical brands. An attentive manufacturer will hone in on your pain points, delivering products that exceed your expectations.

When you choose Oliver for pharmaceutical labels and packaging, you get a printing partner geared toward making a positive impact in the lives of customers, and the world. You can rest assured your brand will be elevated, products protected, colors and designs enhanced, and packaging processed sustainably and efficiently.

Oliver brings extensive experience to printing pharmaceutical labels and packaging. Contact us today to learn which solutions are best for your brand.

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